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Market-Level Opportunity Based on Estimated Total Assets

MarketMix is available exclusively for use by IXI►Net Member-Firms. It is best used for market sizing and to determine a firm’s share of the total market.

MarketMix provides estimates of the total assets, assets by product category, and household penetration for defined geographic areas based on about $32 trillion of liquid financial assets held by U.S. households.

Key Differentiators of MarketMix
  1. Represents Measured Assets – Based on Approximately $14 Trillion in Anonymous Direct-Measured Assets
    • Based on IXI’s proprietary, anonymous, aggregated direct-measured financial assets database of about $14 trillion collected from the nation’s leading financial institutions
    • Projects this database to represent the total liquid financial assets held by all U.S. households – about $32 trillion
  2. Provides Dollar Estimate of Total Assets by Geography
    • Dollar estimate represents the total amount of assets in any standard or custom geography – assets held both at your firm and other firms
    • Enables financial services firms to assess market size and share, identify geographies likely to have the most opportunity, and track branch and territory performance
    • Also provides household counts, enabling firms to better understand household penetration
  3. Estimates Market-Level Assets by Product Category
    • Estimates assets within a geography for six broad product categories: Deposits, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Annuities, Other Assets
    • Deposit category further broken down into market-level asset estimates for: Interest Checking, Non-Interest Checking, CDs, Savings, Money Market Accounts, and Other Cash Equivalents
    • Enables firms to determine likely asset allocation and share of market by product category, plus assist with brand and category development
  4. Tracks Market Growth Over Time
    • Data available for multiple time periods, enabling trending calculations, identification of fastest-growing markets, and improved sales territory and branch planning.
  5. Easy to Apply
    • MarketMix estimated assets and household counts are available for both postal and census track geographies
    • Fully compatible with in-house systems and all IXI data
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