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Geographic Solutions

Leverage IXI Targeting, Scoring, and Segmentation Measures to Better Assess Market Potential

IXI’s geographic solutions allow you to use many of IXI’s targeting and scoring measures and customer segmentation solutions to better understand your current markets and trade areas and discover untapped markets with potential new customers.

IXI’s targeting, scoring and segmentation information can be incorporated into any mapping software platform (MapInfo, Microsoft® MapPoint®, ESRI, etc.). All information can be delivered as an encoded data file, optimized for use within standard mapping software packages. Alternatively, should you require IXI to produce them for your firm, we can provide customized maps, using your data, to your specifications.

IXI products commonly provided to clients for geographic analysis include Income360 and DS$ (Discretionary Spending Dollars) among others. IXI’s geographic tools unlock hidden insights by putting IXI data on the ground:

Conduct Market Analyses

  • Size markets for key target segments and better identify growth opportunities
  • Locate low-penetration, high-opportunity markets

Evaluate Site & Market Performance

  • Establish objective benchmarks by location and market
  • Improve sales forecasting by location and better identify underperforming branches and stores based on estimated opportunity
  • Reallocate resources to likely high potential markets

Develop Merchandise Strategy

  • Understand which markets and locations are likely to be best suited to sell each of your products and services

Inform Real Estate Planning

  • Better identify new markets that are similar to your current best markets
  • Sharpen decisions for location enhancement or exit strategy

Create a Targeted Media Strategy

  • Discover and prioritize where you should focus your media placements
  • Refine regional messaging to appeal to the local audience
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