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Market-Level Performance and Opportunity by Market Credit-Behavior

CreditMix enables firms to better determine the market size and their share of outstanding credit within their target markets. With CreditMix, companies can gain insights on how financial shifts affect customer segments and better understand consumer credit health within various geographies.

Key Differentiators of CreditMix
  1. Represents Virtually All Outstanding Credit – Based on Aggregated Information from Equifax’s Extensive Credit Database
    • Based on an anonymous aggregation of Equifax’s extensive credit database which measures credit for virtually all active credit consumers
    • All data is de-duplicated for joint and shared account information to provide better measures of credit usage
  2. Provides Estimated Dollar Values of Total Outstanding Credit by Geography
    • Dollar values represent the estimated total amount of outstanding credit and credit for select sub-categories within census, postal, or custom geographies – including credit provided to consumers both by your firm and the total market
    • Enables firms to determine estimated market size and share of outstanding credit, identify geographies likely to have the most opportunity, and track branch and territory performance
  3. Offers Various Measures of Credit Behavior for Assessment of Market Health
    • Provides estimated outstanding credit behaviors within a geography for 15 credit categories including break-downs of both Mortgage and Non-Mortgage Credit, thus helping firms better understand likely market-level credit allocation and health
    • Each credit category can be viewed through numerous likely credit behaviors such as total number of credit accounts and number of credit accounts 60+ days past due, thereby helping companies gauge the estimated credit health within target markets
    • Each market’s credit behavior can be further broken down by estimated wealth tiers or risk tiers for more detailed analysis
  4. Easy to Apply
    • Offered via IXI’s WalletInsights platform as part of the MarketIntel module, which presents a combined view of estimated assets and credit with target markets, as well as via an Excel or flat file

CreditMix was neither developed for the purposes of, nor intended to be used for, the extension of credit to any individual, nor should it be used for purposes of determining an individual’s creditworthiness or for any other purpose contemplated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.
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