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Market Analysis

Find Top Markets and Better Assess Your Share

Market analysis products from IXI enable financial institutions to better assess their competitive position in each relevant geographic location, enabling them to size the market, track share and competitive progress, and locate high-growth and under-developed market areas. With a foundation of anonymous, direct-measured assets and sales data, along with proprietary measures of credit, income and spending, IXI’s market tracking solutions can shed insight on your firm’s performance by its custom branches and territories and down to the ZIP Code and block group level.

Consumer marketing firms can also benefit from IXI’s targeting, scoring and segmentation solutions to conduct market-level analysis and discover potential new customers in untapped areas.

MarketIntel: Track performance in capturing assets and credit for target markets and customer segments, based on total estimated assets and credit

MarketMix: Better size markets, determine share, improve territory and branch planning, and conduct brand and category development based on total estimated assets

CreditMix: Better size markets, determine share, and assess the credit health of target markets based on the estimated total outstanding credit for virtually all active credit consumers

MarketVision for Securities: Specifically for securities firms, better determine market size and share vs. peer group, improve territory and branch planning, and conduct brand and category development based on anonymous, direct-measured assets

MarketVision for Wholesale Mutual Funds: IXI is currently working to develop new solutions for firms offering wholesale mutual funds. Please contact us for more information.

Geographic Solutions: Leverage IXI targeting, scoring, and segmentation measures to better assess market potential

The products described above were neither developed nor intended to be used for the extension of credit to any individual, nor may they be used for purposes of determining an individual’s eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or for any other purpose contemplated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.
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