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Unmatched consumer financial and economic insights that empower your business

Data and Integration Services

Combine Powerful Information Sources to Empower Your Marketing Initiatives

By using IXI’s data and integration services, IXI can help your firm address specific needs. Whether by adding financial, economic, or third-party data to your firm’s own customer behavioral and transactional data, IXI can help your firm gain a more integrated view and actionable insights.

Data Services

Data Enhancement: IXI can extend a firm’s understanding of its customers with financial, economic, behavioral, and demographic information. By adding this intelligence to what a firm already knows, marketers can more accurately treat customers and generate marketing programs that will resonate with different segments of their target audience.

Geocoding: IXI works with firms to append missing address information so customer records can be enhanced with additional information.

List Selects: With IXI’s List Select capabilities, marketers can better identify prospects that not only likely to meet specific financial and economic criteria, but also demographic and geographic requirements. Clients can first set thresholds based on IXI products and then further refine their list by specifying household characteristics (e.g., Presence of Children, Family Type, etc.) and geographic limitations (e.g., ZIP Code, Metropolitan Area) to efficiently identify attractive prospects.

Integration Services

Internal Customer Data: IXI can integrate a firm’s customer data into specific analysis to meet pressing issues. With a combination of IXI resources, the firm’s customer specific knowledge, and additional insight from third-party resources, IXI can provide an integrated solution for a firm’s custom requirements.

Third-party Resources: IXI’s relationships with best-in-class research firms enable clients to integrate IXI’s valuable financial and economic insight with additional applications.

IXI can tailor solutions to include a broad range of resources, including:

  • Behavioral Data. IXI solutions can be integrated with consumer lifestyle and purchasing behavior to enable firms to better understand how household financial and economic resources affect consumer behavior.
  • Demographic Data. IXI solutions can be integrated with demographics to help firms better understand how a customer’s or prospect’s general household characteristics provide additional marketing opportunities.
  • Geographic Boundaries. To facilitate market analysis, IXI’s solutions can be analyzed in and provided with standard Census, Postal or industry-specific geographies.
  • Segmentation Profiles. Profiles are available for all Cohorts segmentation systems so clients can identify the likely lifestyle and media habits of their target clusters.
  • Business List Data. IXI prospecting solutions can identify businesses that are likely to be attractive targets for marketing efforts.
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