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Neighborhood Wealth Ratings and Investment Tendencies

Investyles is available exclusively for use by IXI►Net Member-Firms. It is best used for identification of specific investment behaviors and as an input to in-house models. Investyles Neighborhood Wealth Ratings enables firms to assign detailed asset ratings to customer and prospect records based on approximately $14 trillion in anonymous direct-measured assets. Investyles Investment Tendency Measures are financial measures that help financial services firms determine a customer’s or prospect’s propensity for various asset classes, security types, and distribution channels.

Key Differentiators of Investyles
  1. Measured Data: Based on Approximately $14 Trillion in Anonymous, Direct-Measured Assets
    • Based on approximately $14 trillion of anonymous, directly measured invested retail assets collected twice a year from the nation’s leading financial institutions
    • Measures about 45% of all U.S. invested assets
  2. Powers Models with Measure of Financial Assets
    • Enables financial services firms to incorporate a view of anonymous, measured assets to enhance all types of customer and prospect models: customer profiling, life-time value, profitability, multivariate scoring applications and more
    • Rates over 42 million ZIP+4s for presence and volume of assets by providing average assets per household
    • Data gathered is anonymous and provided only at the ZIP+4/micro-neighborhood level to ensure consumer privacy is maintained
  3. Better Identifies Consumer Investment Preferences and Styles
    • Provides indicators for over 25 Investment Tendency Measures enabling firms to better understand likely consumer investment preferences, such as aggressive versus conservative investments, advice orientation, and propensity for specific investment products
  4. Finds Neighborhoods Likely to Have Over $2 Million in Average Assets per Household
    • Top tier break of $2 million plus, enabling firms to identify the 20% of households that likely hold over 80% of assets
    • Enables firms to rank markets and households for marketing campaigns
  5. Easy to Apply
    • Investyles ratings can be appended to any customer or prospect file
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