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Powerful Income Measure up to $2.0 Million

Income360 Insights

  • The average total income estimate for consumers in Chevy Chase, MD is $250K, whereas the average total income estimate for consumers in Washington, DC is only $99K. (June 2015)
  • The average income estimate for HHs in Westchester County, NY is 93% higher than the average U.S. income of $92,000; Loudoun County, VA is 72% higher (June 2015)


  • “When we performed a backend analysis comparing self-reported income based DTI calculations with those using IXI’s Income360, it became apparent that we can’t rely on customer specified income alone.” Source: A top mortgage provider

Income360 is a continuous household-based dollar estimate of income uncapped up to $2.0 million based on both income from wages and income generated from investments.

Income360 can be used alone or incorporated into models that include traditional income measures. It provides marketers and analysts with a more reliable estimate of income to improve performance for both direct marketing and online targeting campaigns.

Key Differentiators of Income360
  1. Based on Foundation of Anonymous, Direct-Measured Assets
    • Provides a household-level dollar estimate that measures total income: both income from wages and income generated from investments
    • Incorporates IXI’s proprietary economic data that measures income generated from investments
  2. Continuous Measure Without Ranges
    • Provides a continuous measure of households’ total estimated income; the precise dollar value income estimate (e.g. $98,545) enables marketers to differentiate consumers that may be grouped within a standard income band (e.g. $75,000-$99,999)
  3. Virtually Uncapped to $2.0 Million
    • Provides an estimate of income up to $2 million per household
    • Enables marketers to identify consumers at the high end of the income spectrum more definitively than with traditional income measures, which often reach only to $125,000+
  4. Takes Into Account that Salary Does Not Always Equal Income
    • Includes income from wages and estimated income from investments
    • Enables marketers to differentiate between households who may have similar salaries, yet likely have different income from investments
  5. Easy to Apply
    • Can be appended to any customer or prospect file and can also be used in online targeting

Income360 HD is a new offering from Equifax that provides high-performance income estimates while addressing internal responsible banking practice issues. If you are interested in this robust income information, please contact us.

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