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A 360° View of your Customer Needs More Than Just Income Data


  • Segment your customer and prospect lists based on their estimated capacity to spend


  • Rank households in your lists with a continuous 1-1000 score of estimated capacity to spend.

Income data alone doesn’t give you a full view of your customer or prospect.

Wouldn’t you really like to know how much estimated discretionary spending capacity your customers and prospects are likely to have?

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Knowing a household’s estimated spending capacity can make your marketing campaigns more effective. If you only rely on standard income data for households, you may be missing a key element of their behavior. Many households may fall into similar income or demographic groups but might have radically different financial capability when you look at their estimated spending capacity. By analyzing disposable income from multiple sources, minus certain fixed expenses of life (housing, transportation and insurance), you can potentially see a deeper view of households’ likely capacity to spend on your products or services.

Differentiate "homogeneous" households based on their estimated propensity to spend

Direct-measured asset data is the foundation upon which Marketing Segmentation products from IXI Services, a division of Equifax Inc., are built. Major financial institutions use IXI products for more effective segmentation and marketing campaigns.

In addition, a top 10 financial services firm uses Discretionary Spending Dollars™ (DS$) HD and Discretionary Spending Index™ (DSI) HD to help gain a deeper understanding of their customers and prospects, as well as more insights and greater granularity in their targeting.

For an enhanced view of household economics, we can append DS$ HD and DSI HD data to your file containing names and addresses.

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