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Discretionary Spending Index (DSI)

A Superior Measure of Spending Capacity

DSI Insights

  • The average discretionary spending index score for consumers in the San Jose, CA metro area is nearly three times as high as the score for consumers in Fresno, CA. (June 2015)


  • “IXI’s Discretionary Spending Index (DSI) is the most predictive variable in our marketing response models.”
    Source: A top credit card issuer
  • “We have observed a 10% lift in response rates and profitability metrics from leveraging DSI.”
    Source: A top credit card issuer

Client Successes:

  • Purchase amounts were almost 700% higher for those with the highest 5% of DSI scores, compared to those with the lowest 5% of DSI scores. Backend analysis for a top financial institution
  • Balance pay-down rates were 55% higher for those with the highest 5% of DSI scores. Backend analysis for a top financial institution

Discretionary Spending Index (DSI) is a continuous household-based score of 1 to 1000 that ranks households by likely spending capacity and spending behaviors. It enables marketers to rank customers and prospects by estimated spending power.

DSI can be used alone or incorporated into models where consumer spending is a factor. Marketers could use DSI to enhance account management, identify cross-sell opportunities, and provide appropriate offers.

Key Differentiators of DSI
  1. Based on Foundation of Anonymous, Direct-Measured Assets
    • Translates estimated income, factored asset scores derived from IXI’s proprietary financial assets database, and life-stage attributes into an index score that ranks households by estimated spending power
  2. Measures and Ranks Consumer Discretionary Spending Capacity
    • Offers a household scoring system that measures and ranks estimated consumer discretionary spending capacity
    • Helps marketers discriminate between two households that look the same in terms of income and demographics, but likely have considerably different spending power
  3. Household-Level Continuous Score
    • Provides a household-level continuous score ranging from 1 to 1000, with a rating of 1000 representing households likely to have the most spending capacity
    • The higher the DSI score, the higher the likely spending capacity
  4. Can Be Applied Across the Customer Lifecycle
    • Enables financial services and consumer firms to develop appropriate marketing and collections strategies based on a view of discretionary spending capacity
  5. Easy to Apply
    • DSI scores can be appended to any customer or prospect file to identify and target households based on their likely spending capacity

Discretionary Spending Index HD is a new offering from Equifax that provides high-performance scoring of household spending capacity while addressing internal responsible banking practice issues. If you are interested in this robust discretionary spending capacity information, please contact us.

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