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Discretionary Spending Dollars (DS$)

A Continuous Measure of Household Spending

Discretionary Spending Dollars (DS$) is a continuous household-based dollar value estimate of discretionary spending uncapped up to $1.2M. DS$ represents disposable income minus non-discretionary expenses.

DS$ can be used alone or incorporated into models where consumer spending is a factor. It is best used to identify consumers with the estimated spending levels to afford various products and services and can be used in both offline and online applications.

Key Differentiators of DS$
  1. Based on Foundation of Anonymous, Direct-Measured Assets
    • Translates estimated income, factored asset scores derived from IXI’s proprietary financial assets database, and life-stage attributes into a dollar value
  2. Estimates Spending Beyond Necessities
    • A modeled dollar estimate of household spending beyond basic necessities (housing, utilities, public transportation, personal insurance and pensions)
  3. Continuous Measure Up to $1.2 Million
    • Offers a continuous measure of spending up to $1.2 million per household
    • Households are not grouped into buckets. Instead, each household is assigned a dollar estimate
  4. Better Identifies Households with Ability to Spend
    • Differentiates among households with the same income levels, but likely have different spending habits
    • Helps identify households that continue to spend, despite harsh economic conditions
  5. Easy to Apply
    • Can be appended to any customer or prospect file and can be used in online targeting

Discretionary Spending Dollars HD is a new offering from Equifax that provides high-performance estimates of household discretionary spending capacity while addressing internal responsible banking practice issues. If you are interested in this robust discretionary spending capacity information, please contact us.

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