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CreditStyles Pro

A Fresh View of Credit Usage at the Household Level based on Aggregated Credit Data

CreditStyles Pro offers a suite of tools based on aggregated credit data that enables marketers and analysts to differentiate households based on their likely credit availability, needs, and usage1.

CreditStyles Pro includes Detailed Credit Variables, Aggregated Risk Scores, Intent Indicators, and Aggregated FICO® Scores. These measures, scores, and variables can be used alone or combined for advanced analytics throughout the customer lifecycle to enhance prospecting, targeting, and cross-sell.

CreditStyles Pro is best used for customer and prospect analysis to identify target segments based on consumers’ expected credit behaviors. It enables marketers and analysts to gain insight on all types of credit usage including bank cards, retail cards, consumer finance, and various mortgage type loans.

Key Differentiators of CreditStyles Pro
  1. Provides Estimates of Credit Usage at the Household Level
    • Built based on anonymized credit information from Equifax®, which is de-duplicated for joint and shared account information to provide estimates of credit usage at the household level. All CreditStyles Pro data is aggregated to the micro-neighborhood level to protect consumer privacy
    • Standard aggregated credit measures are built from one record per ZIP+4 Code and reflect average use of credit by individuals, resulting in credit usage measures that sometimes overestimate credit use for individuals that have joint or shared accounts.
  2. Offers Detailed Credit Variables and Comprehensive Metrics
    • Offers over 400 credit variables for a variety of segments such as mortgage; non-mortgage; and bankruptcy, foreclosure, and collections
    • Provides ZIP+4 Code metrics, including means, percent of household use, and percent of households with a certain credit behavior
    • Enables analysts to gauge expected credit use for individual households and groups of households
  3. Enables Firms to Leverage the Basis of FCRA Compliant Measures for Marketing Applications
    • Aggregated Risk Scores based on scores such as Telco 98, Bankruptcy Navigator 3.0 and Equifax Risk Scores can be used in prospecting and segmentation
  4. Criteria and Event-Based Indicators Enable Firms to Better Identify Households with a Specific Need
    • Intent Indicators help marketers better identify households that are likely to have a propensity to acquire new credit or a propensity to inquire or respond about a new line of credit
  5. Provides Access to First Ever Aggregated FICO® Scores
    • Aggregated FICO® Scores can be used in prospecting and segmentation both online and offline
    • Enables firms to utilize an aggregated version of the industry accepted credit risk assessment measure for marketing applications
  6. Updated on a Quarterly Basis
    • All CreditStyles Pro metrics are updated quarterly, unlike standard aggregated credit metrics that are updated just once per year, enabling analysts to gain timely data on overall credit use
  7. Easy to Apply
    • Can be accessed real-time or appended to any customer or prospect file

1 CreditStyles Pro was neither developed for the purposes of, nor intended to be used for, the extension of credit to any individual, nor should it be used for purposes of determining an individual’s creditworthiness or for any other purpose contemplated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.
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