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Aggregated FICO Scores

Aggregated Version of Industry-Accepted Credit Risk Assessment Measure is Now Available for Marketing Applications

Aggregated FICO® Scores from IXI offer firms an aggregated, micro-neighborhooded form of the FICO® Score to enhance marketing applications, thus enabling credit grantors, insurance companies, and other firms to utilize an aggregated version of the industry accepted credit risk assessment measure for non-FCRA marketing purposes. These aggregated scores also empower companies with the ability to better target marketing offers in order to meet business goals.

Key Differentiators of Aggregated FICO® Scores
  1. Based on the Most Widely Used and Accepted Risk Score in the Marketplace
    • Aggregated FICO® Scores are offered at the household level after undergoing IXI’s proprietary micro-neighborhooding process to ensure consumer privacy
  2. Enhances Direct Marketing Campaigns
    • Can be used throughout the customer lifecycle including to enhance prospecting, segmentation, campaign planning, targeting, and offer development
  3. Includes Target Segments for Online Marketing
    • Aggregated FICO® Scores can be applied online to help online advertisers better reach their target audience and serve appropriate messages
  4. Updated on a Quarterly Basis
    • Aggregated FICO® Scores are updated quarterly, unlike standard aggregated credit metrics that are updated just once per year, enabling analysts to gain more timely data on likely consumer credit behavior
  5. Easy to Apply
    • Can be accessed real-time or appended to any customer or prospect file; also available for online applications

1Aggregated FICO® Scores from IXI were not developed or intended to be taken into consideration as a factor in establishing or determining an individual’s eligibility for personal credit, insurance, or employment, or for any other purpose contemplated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.
Fair Isaac and FICO are registered trademarks of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and in other countries
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