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Customer Targeting and Scoring

Find the Hidden Potential Among Your Customers and Prospects

Customer targeting and scoring products from IXI enable financial services firms and consumer marketers to more efficiently manage their marketing decisions and maximize sales opportunities by identifying those customers and prospects that are most likely to offer a profitable business relationship based upon their financial and economic capacity, share of wallet, financial needs, investment style, and product preferences. IXI’s targeting, modeling and scoring solutions rely on a common foundation of anonymous, direct-measured assets, offering an integrated solution to analyze customers and prospects both online and offline.

WealthComplete: Gauge share of wallet, conduct opportunity analysis, and determine cross-sell/upsell strategies by coding households with IXI’s estimate of total invested assets

Investyles: Code customer and prospect files with anonymous, direct-measured assets to improve models for acquisition, prospecting, account management, product propensity, and cross-sell/upsell

Income360: Enhance targeting and models that use traditional income measures with IXI’s total income estimate (income from wages and income generated from investments)

DSI: Rank customers by their likely discretionary spending capacity

DS$: Improve targeting and models by analyzing an estimate of households’ discretionary spending dollars

Ability to Pay Index: Rank households by their likely economic capacity

CreditStyles Pro: Differentiate households based on their estimated credit availability, needs, and usage

Aggregated FICO® Scores: Differentiate households for marketing purposes based on an aggregated version of FICO® Scores

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