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Economic Cohorts

Segment Households by a Multi-Dimensional View of a Likely Economics

Economic Cohorts incorporates the vital visibility into household economics that has been missing from consumer segmentation products until now. If you are currently using another segmentation system and are trying to improve its performance by applying additional economic data, instead, turn to Economic Cohorts.

Money and spending drive consumer behavior. Economic Cohorts segments customer and prospects based on households’ economic positions (estimated total income, ability to spend, ability to pay, and likely credit capacity), in combination with all the key demographic, lifecycle/lifestage, behavioral, lifestyle, and geographic attributes you expect from a leading consumer segmentation system.

The resulting product offers a revolutionized view of the household in a single, flexible solution that enables marketers to more effectively understand, target and communicate with their customers and prospective customers via both direct marketing and online marketing efforts.

Key Differentiators of Economic Cohorts
  1. Enhanced Differentiation of Households Based on Economics
    • Uniquely designed to provide enhanced differentiation of households based on estimated total income, likely ability to pay, estimated spending, and expected credit capacity and usage
  2. Economic Data Inputs are Uniquely Available from IXI
    • Incorporates proprietary economic information derived from multiple sources including summary factors produced by IXI’s proprietary anonymous database of consumer investable assets
      • Unique Income Measure: Household-level total income estimate that includes both income from wages and income generated from investments (learn more about Income360)
      • Household Spending Insights: Differentiates households into distinct clusters by identifying estimated spending propensity and capacity, relative to estimated household income (learn more about DS$)
      • Ability to Spend/Pay: Distinguishes between households that likely have differing ability to spend and pay for financial obligations
  3. Clusters are Not Defined by Survey Data
    • Survey data is not used to define the clusters; it is only used to enhance cluster descriptions after they have been defined
  4. More Accurately Identifies Affluent Households
    • Offers a truer economic picture of the household; identifies segments likely to have estimated incomes (including income from investments) of up to $2 million
  5. Aligns with the Way You Run Your Business
    • Economic Cohorts clusters align with larger treatment groups, allowing clients to roll up and drill down across segments and clusters
  6. Improve Allocation of Households on Cluster Margins
    • Economic Cohorts is dynamic and allows “on-the-fly” adjustments to the cluster allocation process based on client-specific information and/or requirements
Applying Economic Cohorts to Your Business

Economic Cohorts cluster codes help marketers better differentiate users based on key characteristics such as likely household economics, demographics, and consumer behaviors. Companies can then use the codes to target the best customers and prospects for their firm and determine the right offer and message that will resonate with their target audience.

Economic Cohorts can be applied to your business via:

  • Customer and prospect coding for targeting and messaging
  • Geographic market sizing to prioritize markets
  • Software applications to enable users to get a closer look at the data

With Economic Cohorts Digital, online users can be assigned an Economic Cohorts cluster code real-time, for both ads and landing pages as well as other online interactions.

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