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Customer Segmentation

Better Understand the Financial and Economic Characteristics of Your Customers and Prospects

Customer segmentation solutions from IXI help financial services firms and leading brands understand the likely financial, economic, behavioral, attitudes, and lifestyle of their target customers and prospects. Because IXI segmentation solutions classify and group customers and prospects first by their estimated financial capacity (i.e., mass market, mass affluent, affluent) and financial and economic profiles, and then by their demographics and additional attributes, our solutions enable firms both to find pockets of likely wealth and develop effective direct marketing and online campaigns to reach their desired target audience.

Financial Cohorts: Segment customers based on estimated assets and additional financial characteristics to better understand the financial and behavioral characteristics of households in order to increase the relevance and effectiveness of marketing efforts

Economic Cohorts: Segment households by economics, including estimated total income, discretionary spending, and credit capacity and usage

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