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Custom Analytics

Use Financial and Economic Insight to Power Your Sales, Marketing, and Analytics

Custom analytics can be a powerful tool in helping you meet your specific business objectives. Whether you have a sophisticated in-house analytics team or not, leveraging the expertise of IXI’s analytics team can improve your ability to make data-driven decisions that help you allocate marketing dollars where they will earn the greatest returns.

With nearly two decades working with financial and economic data, IXI has developed expertise in developing models, projecting measures and generating customer, prospect, and market insight that goes well beyond typical geo-demographics-based market research analysis. Our analytics team can devise and execute custom projects that utilize this data in terms that make sense to your own business, your operations, and your goals.

IXI’s Analytics team can provide the following services:

Custom Modeling: IXI can perform custom analysis and modeling that profiles a client’s customer base or prospect universe by conducting parallel testing using the client’s own performance data and IXI’s asset/economic measures or segmentation solutions. These analyses reveal the statistical correlation between performance (e.g. balance, spending, response, conversion, cost, gross margin, etc.) and IXI’s measures and segmentation solutions.
IXI offers predictive modeling that helps clients acquire more customers like their best, maximize relationships with existing customers, and improve customer lifetime value. IXI can develop models for all stages of the customer lifecycle including:

  • Acquisition (response, conversion, account open, balance amount)
  • Account management (advice and risk orientation, retirement focus, lifetime spending, long term value)
  • Cross-sell or up/down sell, and attrition (product preferences, additional product needs, churn, retention, cancellation)

Custom Projects: IXI analysts have extensive experience working with IXI’s unique asset and economic resources. If money and spending matter to a business, then IXI can tailor analysis to provide marketing insights that other firms cannot deliver. IXI analysts have created proprietary research resources such as home value models, investment risk tendency, portfolio complexity, and socioeconomic geographic factors to use in conjunction with a firm’s own transactional data as well as third-party resources to provide comprehensive insight into your firm’s customers, markets, and prospects.

Marketplace Analysis: IXI can help firms identify and understand their customers’ and prospects’ likely financial position, economics, demographics, lifestyle, and behavioral characteristics through an analysis of your firm’s customers in terms of IXI’s proprietary measures and segmentation systems. We provide firms with a comparative view of their customers or prospects against the marketplace.

We can also supply you with national and major market profiles, as well as those for relevant buyer groups within your customer database. Using the insights derived from these analyses, we offer actionable recommendations to help you find ways to reach and appeal to your target audience and find more prospects like them.

Direct Marketing Analytics: Our team of analytics experts can work with you to assess your specific needs and offer consumer Direct Marketing consultation in such areas as:

  • Strategy development
  • Test and control design
  • Process and framework development

List Optimization: If your organization purchases prospect lists, IXI can either supply those lists or apply its financial and economic measures to your existing processes to significantly improve list performance. In both cases, IXI adds significant value by filtering and selecting only the best prospect names for your specific marketing efforts, and improving the mileage of your valuable marketing dollars.

ROI Measurement: Ultimately, the final measure for all marketing efforts is the bottom line. And calculating the return on investment for each proposed marketing initiative provides a framework for evaluating the worth of your programs. IXI can work with you to devise ROI models for calculating your return not only on investment in IXI’s solutions but also wider investments spanning all your marketing efforts.

We look forward to working with you to provide custom analytics that will benefit your business. Please contact us for more information.

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