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Address Your Business Challenges with Consultative Solutions for Financial Institutions

In order to help your firm address some of your most common business challenges, IXI Services offers consultative, analytical engagements that can help you gain insight on your customers, target markets, and competitors.

Our consultative solutions for IXI Network Members are unique because they combine your firm’s data with anonymous, measured consumer assets that are projected to estimate wealth for nearly all households and markets across the U.S., thus shedding deep knowledge on your firm’s share of wallet and performance.

Sample engagements include:

  • Branch Network Optimization: Assess and capture market share based on estimated market potential
  • Performance Benchmarking: Track segments and performance against competitors
  • Segment Identification and Management: Better identify, target and grow high potential segments
  • Next Appropriate Offer: Better identify and target the ‘next appropriate’ product or service to deepen customer relationships
  • Customer Lifetime Value/Customer Equity: Identify, maintain, and grow high value customers and segments
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Identify customer loyalty drivers and improve customer experience for key segments

Our engagements are focused on helping you analyze your customers and markets and provide you with actionable recommendations to increase share, deepen your relationships with your customers, and boost your bottom line.

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