Privacy Commitment

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Privacy Commitment

IXI Services is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and their customers. Privacy is a core value at IXI and we take all matters related to privacy very seriously. IXI has designed its systems to be compliant with current privacy laws and closely follows the privacy standards of the marketing community. We are a member of the Direct Marketing Association (the “DMA”).

IXI collaborates with over 95 financial institutions which voluntarily submit anonymized, personally unidentifiable data on their assets under management to us. From this information, IXI creates a wealth database that our clients can leverage to improve their customer segmentation, prospecting, and market tracking.

IXI Protects the Privacy of Individuals:

  • IXI’s databases and the analyses we provide to our clients do not include information on the exact wealth or investments of any individual or household.
  • IXI does not knowingly receive or solicit personally identifiable data on any individual or household from our clients for use in the creation of our products. We specifically instruct our clients to remove any and all personally identifiable data from the information they send us. Therefore, data received from our clients used in the creation of our products should not include names, addresses, actual account numbers, or any other personally identifiable information.
  • In order to ensure consumer privacy, the measures that IXI develops and provides are based on anonymous information provided by our clients, which IXI aggregates to the neighborhood level.

IXI’s Digital Products for Online Ad Targeting

  • IXI offers clients digital versions of several products for use online in such applications as landing page optimization and ad targeting. Built based on anonymous information at an aggregated level, IXI’s digital products neither incorporate nor reveal any personally identifiable information.
  • IXI uses cookies for the delivery of some of our digital ad targeting products. In these cases, IXI places cookies on online users’ browsers to facilitate our partners’ ability to serve targeted advertising to those users. IXI’s cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. They do not collect or store any information about a users’ online activity. Instead, the cookies are used to inform what ad is delivered to the user based on estimated characteristics (such as income or propensity to make certain types of financial investments) and on geography. These estimates are not built using personally identifiable information and do not contain any actual data about an individual’s finances.
  • If you would like to opt out of advertising served using IXI’s cookie, you can do so by clicking here.
    • When you opt out of IXI’s cookie, this is performed through an opt-out cookie that is placed on your browser. Your browser must be set to accept cookies for your opt out to take effect. If you delete your cookies, your IXI opt out cookie will also be deleted and you will need to return to this website and opt out again.
    • IXI’s opt out cookie contains only a flag letting IXI know you have opted out of ad targeting enabled by IXI’s cookies. It does not contain or collect any personally identifiable information. It is used only to avoid serving you online advertising informed by an IXI cookie.
    • Because cookies are associated with browsers and not computers, IXI’s opt out cookies apply only to the browser in which the opt out was performed. To ensure you are not served IXI-cookie enabled targeted ads on other browsers you may use, you will have to perform the opt out on each of those browsers.
    • IXI’s opt out cookies expire in 1 year.
  • IXI also works with third party ad network partners to deliver some of our digital solutions to clients. Most of these partners are members of NAI, which offers online users the option to “opt out” of the behavioral advertising delivered by NAI companies, including ads delivered by IXI’s partners. Opt out options are available on the NAI website.
  • IXI is OBA compliant, meeting the standards set forth by a cross-industry, self-regulatory program for online behavioral advertising. Learn more about OBA and its requirements here.

IXI Protects the Privacy of Our Clients:

  • IXI maintains strict policies and security measures to help prevent any client from accessing another client’s confidential data.
  • It is virtually impossible for any client to determine the summarized market share or any other data of any other client.
  • When IXI receives personally identifiable information from a client for the purposes of a custom analytical project or other client specific project, IXI treats the information as highly confidential and uses it only for the benefit of the client. We do not disclose the information to any third party, except as necessary to carry out the purpose of the project and then only when the client authorizes the disclosure.
  • Our policies are clearly outlined in our relationship agreements with our clients and our data submission specifications.

For over 20 years, IXI’s growth has been based on our commitment to maintaining the highest privacy standards for our clients and their customers. Our clients trust IXI for confidentiality-guaranteed advanced marketing analytics.

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