“Ideal” Car Type Definitions

Basic and Functional
Functionality is a key concept for this segment, which prefers vehicles that combine a car’s comforts with a truck’s capabilities. Unconcerned by brand or country of origin, rebates and incentives have little or no influence on their vehicle purchase decisions; nor are they likely to purchase expensive or luxurious cars.

Blue Car v3
Transportation Only
Efficiency is the defining characteristic of this segment, which wants the cheapest and lowest-maintenance vehicles that can be found. They think of cars as basic transportation, and are not interested in automotive design or environmental friendliness; more important is the maker of the car and the country where it was produced.

Luxury and Style
Automotive value for these consumers means good looks and a carload of luxury features. They show little interest in who makes a car, where it is made or how its operation will affect the environment; their primary consideration is exterior styling.

Green and Suitable
These consumers prefer to buy vehicles that both reflect their commitment to the environment and accommodate their busy lifestyles. They are highly unlikely to want a car simply because it is expensive or luxurious.

Green and Trendy
Members of this large segment want it all—luxury and performance, utility and ecological sensitivity—but with rebates and other options.

Car Type Definitions provided by GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence, LLC

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