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Marketing Solutions for Restaurants

The biggest factor affecting a guest’s decision to dine out is their disposable income. They also consider convenient locations and identify the flavors and experience they want to enjoy. However, too few restaurant brands capitalize on the wealth of their transactional (POS) data and even fewer use it to better understand their guests’ lives and spending habits away from their restaurant.

Are you making the most of your POS data to help optimize your marketing campaigns and operational decision-making?

Equifax / IXI can help major restaurant chains increase average check size, and encourage repeat visits, by connecting your POS data to millions of your guests. This can help you understand your guests far beyond anything a standard loyalty program can enable.

Here’s how some chains have worked with us to better use their POS data:

  • Some use it to better target email, digital, social, mobile and addressable TV programs and budget more efficiently
  • Others spot new real estate opportunities and better define trade areas – segmented by day part, season and market
  • Many simply deliver a more relevant message to the right audience

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