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IXI’s patented process for classifying about $14 trillion in U.S. consumer assets and investments is at the foundation of IXI’s proprietary financial assets database.

The following patent has been issued to IXI Corporation by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

U.S. Patent 6,026,381

Financial Market Classification System

The following language is taken from the Abstract of IXI’s patent.

“A system for classifying investment products into a set of hierarchical buckets based on existing CUSIP numbers and other prospectus information … A bucket is an investment product classification that uniquely and consistently identifies an investment product type. In the preferred embodiment, there are buckets to classify individual securities and mutual funds into product, asset and fund types. Each bucket is a unique combination of product, asset or fund codes. Unique combinations of the actual codes define a particular bucket. Thus, the present invention provides a standard classification system into which all investment products can be categorized and grouped. Three sets of hierarchical investment buckets are created to provide a standard set of both general and detailed investment buckets. Each set of buckets is directed to a specific classification purpose: a set of product buckets, a set of asset buckets, and a set of fund buckets. The present invention uses CUSIP numbers as the keys for aggregating securities into a standard set of product buckets, asset buckets and fund buckets. The present invention uses the standard product buckets, asset buckets and fund buckets to classify investment positions.”

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