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Reaching the Right Audience Online With Wealth-Based Targeting

Financial Services Firm Reallocates 78% of Impressions to Visitors Likely to Have High Investable Assets
IXI’s audience targeting enables firms to utilize financial insights real-time to optimize the effectiveness of their online campaigns and minimize marketing to consumers that are less likely to have the right financial profile for their brand.
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Like many financial services firms and their agencies, a leading U.S. firm wanted to improve the performance of its online campaigns. Based on IXI’s analysis of one of the firm’s recent online campaigns, the firm discovered that 78% of impressions had been served to consumers who were likely outside its campaign target, those estimated to have less than $100,000 in invested assets.

The firm wanted to identify and target wealthy online visitors, while respecting and maintaining consumer privacy.


For its next online campaign, the firm implemented IXI’s audience targeting solution to differentiate online consumers in real time based on their expected financial profiles. The firm wanted to target only those online visitors likely to have over $100,000 in invested assets, its cutoff point for defining a qualified consumer.

Because IXI’s unique estimates of consumer financial wealth and economic behaviors are built at the neighborhood level, firms are able to serve more ads to qualified consumers while maintaining customer privacy.


With IXI’s audience targeting, the firm was able to serve more ads to visitors that lived in neighborhoods where IXI estimated there was an average of over $100,000 in invested assets per household.

By reallocating campaign impressions, the firm was able to:

  • Increase expected opening balances for new accounts from $10,000 to over $18,000, an 88% improvement
  • Cut provisioning expenses on new account setup efforts
  • Increase brand recognition among affluent users

Chart: Expected Increase in Opening Balances from Targeting by Estimated Assets
Expected Increase in Opening Balances from Targeting by Assets

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