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Firm Can Use IXI Digital Solutions to Reallocate Thousands of Dollars of Ad Spend
IXI’s Digital solutions can enable firms to identify which sites in their media plan best match the target audience for each campaign based on site visitors’ likely financial profiles.

A leading financial firm was launching an online campaign promoting a new product. The firm’s agency created a media plan based on publisher site statistics, ranging in content from entertainment sites to niche financial properties.

The firm wanted to get a better idea of which of the selected sites was best for reaching a target audience with $100K+ investable assets. Before the campaign ran, the firm hypothesized that each of the finance-oriented sites would significantly outperform the others.


The firm utilized IXI’s digital financial measures to evaluate site visitors and determine which sites were most likely to be viewed by visitors likely to have $100K+ investable assets. IXI’s digital solutions neither incorporate nor reveal any personally identifiable information, ensuring that audience privacy is maintained.

IXI’s AudienceInsights campaign verification solution enabled IXI to work with the advertiser to build a report of visitors’ estimated financial characteristics by publisher site (see below chart). The analysis revealed:

  • For the finance sites, Publisher A had a standout performance with the highest index of target audience users out of the entire campaign. But Publishers B and E had a lower-than-average index of target users despite the seemingly appropriate inventory.
  • For the news/technology and entertainment sites, two sites (G and I) had a high index of users in the target group, but others (F, H, J) had the lowest out of all ten publishers.
Next Steps

The financial services firm spent $200,000 on the media buy for the original campaign. To improve the efficiency of its next campaign, the firm can:

  • Spend the same amount, but reach a wider group of target consumers by allocating 100% of the budget to the publisher sites that indexed the highest for having visitors likely to have $100K+ invested assets
  • Save $100,000 of its ad spend and reach the same number of target users, by only buying media on the sites that indexed higher than average to visitors in the target audience
  • Reallocate the $100,000 saved toward paying higher CPMs for audiences with IXI’s audience targeting solution, which helps identify audiences based on IXI’s financial and economic measures.

Chart: Impressions Delivered to Desired Target Audience

Impressions Delivered to Desired Target Audience

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