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Firm Drives Omni-Channel Targeted Marketing Efforts

Leverages Financial Data and Segmentation Expertise
By leveraging IXI’s data, analytics, and modeling expertise, a leading brokerage firm was able to assign customers and prospects to its internal attitudinal targeting segments, and then target specific audiences in market via addressable TV resulting in a 500% lift in new account assets.
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A leading brokerage firm was launching a new communications strategy and wanted to combine internal and external data to create a sophisticated data-driven marketing system that would support its new positioning. They had already conducted extensive internal surveys that they wanted to incorporate into their targeting efforts, but knew they needed unique behavioral financial data and a sophisticated modeling approach to be able to assign prospects and customers into their messaging segments.

In addition, the firm wanted to make sure that their custom segments could be applied both offline and online to ensure consistent omni-channel marketing for branding and business development.


IXI worked with the firm to create a process for implementing the firm’s new segmentation schema to market to multiple investor types, as per the following steps:

  1. Start with firm’s attitudinal survey data and messaging segments
  2. Append IXI financial data and granular metrics to survey respondent file
  3. Develop custom segment allocation model to assign target customer and prospect households
  4. Ensure all offline data could be used online, accomplished via an onboarding process performed by IXI

The custom segments enabled the firm to better market to consumers with desired characteristics. Importantly, the firm could apply the custom segments for both online and offline marketing to enhance budget efficiency and offer consistent messaging:

  • Digital ads via online, addressable TV, and mobile channels
  • Offline insights to point of service representatives and tailored direct mail efforts

A live campaign to consumers in the custom segments executed through addressable TV resulted in an over 500% lift in new account assets and over 30% lift in new accounts opened.

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