IXI Digital

Deliver an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Omni-Channel Solutions for Marketers

Create personal customer interactions across all channels

Savvy marketers know that they need to effectively reach and message to their customers and prospects on their preferred channels to get the best return on marketing spend. Working with us, advertisers can better reach their target customers via the devices they use most, engage in omni-channel marketing, track return on ad spend, and deepen customer relationships.

  • Digital Onboarding: Transform your offline customer and prospect target audiences to a digital format for use in online and mobile targeting, addressable TV, targeted radio and other digital channels
  • IXI Digital Targeting Segments: Identify and target your optimal digital audience using our estimated financial capacity and propensity-based audience segments
  • Addressable TV: Leverage our relationships with leading cable and satellite providers to better reach your optimal audience with highly targeted and measurable TV ads
  • Real-Time Measurement: Measure, on the fly, the types of customers viewing and responding to your ads and websites
  • Ad and Site Personalization Insights: Gain insights about web traffic to better customize your site for various audiences
  • Closed-Loop Attribution: Connect your digital efforts to your bottom line
IXI Digital Targeting Addressable TV Real-Time Measurement Ad and Site Personalization Closed-Loop Attribution
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