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IXI's foundation of direct-measured assets produces powerful solutions for firms that target U.S. investors and consumers


Solutions to Track Market Performance, Grow Assets Under Management, and Send the Right Message to the Right Household

In today’s dynamic marketplace, brokerage firms and firms offering brokerage services need to continuously monitor changes in market demand and consumer investment preferences.

Using IXI’s proprietary database of approximately $14 trillion in anonymous, direct-measured assets, along with additional measures of aggregated credit, estimated income and spending, brokerage firms can rely on IXI as the single source for actionable and relevant wealth-based market sizing, market share, market growth, and client segmentation solutions. Our consultative, analytical engagements provide you with actionable recommendations to help you address your business challenges.

Gain a Competitive Edge with IXI’s Wealth and Credit Solutions

Market Analytics: Measure Territory Performance

IXI’s Market Analytics enables Regional Managers, Branch Managers, and Financial Advisors at Full Service and Discount Brokerage firms to judge their firm’s performance in capturing assets, credit, accounts, and clients within custom territories. Leveraging MarketVision for Securities, MarketMix, CreditMix, and MarketIntel, IXI’s Market Analytics provides national, area, regional and local offices with metrics that can measure business development within their management hierarchy and geographic footprint.

Our solutions can help you answer these questions about your firm’s market, branch, territory, and sales performance:

  • How does my firm’s performance (by branch or client segment) compare to my peers?
  • What’s my market penetration in my target geographies? Am I gaining or losing share over time?
  • How can my firm identify markets and channels with significant demand for specific investment products, such as Retirement Rollover dollars or ETF assets?
  • Where should I open or close new branch offices or investment centers?
  • What’s the dynamic between Full-Service Brokerage vs. Discount Brokerage in my target markets?
  • How many Financial Advisors do I need? How can I evaluate their book-of-business?
  • How many Affluent accounts ($500K+) were opened in the last 6 months, and did I get my fair share?

Customer Analytics: Identify Hidden Opportunity

Wealth and investable assets are highly skewed to a relatively small number of households, and those households are increasingly difficult to target. IXI’s WealthComplete and Investyles customer scoring tools will help you identify high potential clients and prospects. At the same time, IXI’s CreditStyles Pro* can help you assess households’ aggregated use of credit. HQ and Financial Advisors can use these tools to answer these questions:

  • Which customers are likely to have the most potential to increase their assets with my firm?
  • How can I set suitable client treatment plans, focusing on those that are likely to have the most opportunity for growth?
  • What are the most appropriate products and services to up-sell/cross-sell?
  • How can I find more prospects that are like my best clients? Where are they located?
  • How do I optimize my product and marketing strategies to serve the unique, highly specialized and ever-changing investment needs of my best customers and prospects?
  • How can I differentiate households based on likely credit availability, needs, and usage?

Additional customer analytics solutions for brokerage firms include: Income360, DSI, and DS$*.

Customer Communications: Asset-Based Customer Segmentation

Once you’ve identified your target groups, Financial Cohorts – the only household-level segmentation system based on direct-measured assets – can help you determine how best to communicate with your target audience to achieve the desired response. Brokerage firms can use Financial Cohorts to:

  • Segment their customers and prospects by financial and behavioral characteristics
  • Profile customers that will be targeted for a premium service level
  • Develop specific messaging that is likely to resonate with your target audience
Target Small Businesses

Not only can IXI help you enhance your customer marketing strategies, IXI also offers solutions to enable you to target the right small businesses for your products and services. With IXI’s Small Business Assets, firms can better determine which small businesses are most appropriate for premium offers as well as improve prospecting for new small business customers. If your firm offers services for home-based small businesses, then our solutions can help you communicate with them more efficiently.

*IXI’s products were neither developed for the purposes of, nor intended to be used for, the extension of credit to any individual, nor should they be used for purposes of determining an individual’s creditworthiness or for any other purpose contemplated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.
MarketIntel offers market level credit data and is not intended to be used as a factor in establishing or determining an individual’s eligibility for personal credit, insurance, or employment.
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