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IXI's foundation of direct-measured assets produces powerful solutions for firms that target U.S. investors and consumers

Travel, Leisure and Entertainment

Focus on the Right Customers

As a travel, leisure or entertainment marketer you know first-hand how important it is to understand the distinctions among your customers and prospects in order to successfully craft and execute your marketing strategy. Whether you call them guests, passengers, players club members, clients, or owners, IXI provides you the tools necessary to identify, prioritize and target consumers that are likely to have the spending capacity to buy your products as well as the tools to communicate successfully with them.

IXI’s customer targeting and scoring and customer segmentation solutions include our well-known Economic Cohorts household segmentation and DSI scoring tools and enable travel, leisure and entertainment providers to:

  • Identify consumers with higher levels of likely spending that are ideal prospects for discretionary travel, leisure and entertainment services
  • Score and measure consumers by likely household economics, share of wallet, and demographics, to help better target and acquire new business – focusing on the right new customers
  • Send the right message to the right household by matching appropriate offers to households and selecting the best messaging and marketing media
  • Reveal untapped potential for targeted upsell and cross-sell within your current customer base
  • Optimize use of marketing budgets and improve ROI by avoiding marketing to prospects and customers thare are less likely to respond or visit you

Whether you have a sophisticated in-house analytics team or not, IXI’s custom analytics and geographical solutions can help travel, leisure and entertainment providers in such areas as:

  • Customer and Prospect Profiling
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Lead Conversion Modeling
  • Model Scoring
  • Marketplace Analysis, including assessing the credit health of target markets
  • Direct Marketing Analytics
  • ROI Analysis
  • TEST