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IXI's foundation of direct-measured assets produces powerful solutions for firms that target U.S. investors and consumers

Retail and Consumer Goods

Maximize Relationships with Current Customers and Find More Like Your Best

Maintaining profitable, optimized relationships with current customers and finding more customers like your best are two ongoing challenges for retail marketers. IXI provides insights and solutions to help clients target, acquire, manage and retain their most valuable and viable customers and prospects. IXI’s solutions provide insight into your customers’ and prospects’ economic capacity to spend, their demographics and their consumer behaviors, fueling your marketing programs with relevant and actionable data.

IXI reduces the guesswork in your marketing strategy and programs with actionable customer targeting and scoring and customer segmentation solutions that you can use to:

  • Score, measure and segment prospects and customers by estimated household economics to help better target and acquire new business — focusing on the right new customers
  • Identify and reach consumers with your preferred characteristics – including estimated levels of income and spending – for becoming customers of your products and services
  • Reveal untapped potential for targeted up-sell and cross-sell within your current customer base
  • Achieve estimated share of wallet and lifetime value measures for current customers and prospects
  • Use estimated customer spending power and discretionary income as a tool to enhance management of your company’s house card, affinity card, or loyalty program
  • Optimize use of marketing budgets and improve ROI by avoiding marketing to prospects and customers that may be less likely to respond to or buy from you
  • Send the right offer to the right household using relevant, versioned messages and appropriate marketing media channels

Our geographic market share and sizing solutions put household-level data on the ground, enabling you to:

  • Estimate expected growth and potential by market and manage your marketing and business development efforts with information on consumer economics, not surveys and self-reported data
  • Optimize site planning with market data that reveals hidden opportunity in your existing footprint and in new markets you pursue
  • Evaluate size and share of trade area spending in multiple levels of geography, including your customized trade areas, census block group, census tract, ZIP code, county, DMA, and state
  • Gauge the credit health of target markets and gain insights on how financial shifts affect customer segments

IXI’s custom analytics solutions enable retailers to supplement their existing analytics efforts in such areas as:

  • Customer and Prospect Profiling
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Model Scoring
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Direct Marketing Analytics
  • ROI Analysis
  • TEST