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New Insights to Inform Energy Customer Marketing and Communications

Today’s customers are becoming more savvy, sophisticated and informed about their household energy consumption. As a result, energy marketers need more robust insights to better manage day-to-day communications as well as anticipate the needs of their high-value customers.

A component of Equifax’s complete suite of solutions for the energy industry, IXI™ Services’ solutions help energy companies’ marketing teams gain insight on households’ estimated financial capacity, demographics, understand website traffic, and utilize real-time tactical applications at the point-of-service to better understand and communicate with their customers.

With our solutions, energy companies can:

  • Enable more efficient communications by getting the right message to the right household
  • Promote energy efficiency and green energy programs to the most appropriate, most responsive customer segments
  • Generate interest and/or growth in programs such as:
    • Home/appliance warranty solutions
    • Energy efficiency home audits
    • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
    • Electronic/paperless billing
    • Electronic vehicle applications
Deepen Customer Engagement

Our customer engagement solutions provide insight into households’ estimated financial capacity, enabling targeted energy marketing. Our digital solutions help energy marketers understand website traffic and power ad campaigns, while our real-time platform can help customer support representatives gain insights at the point-of-service.

Household-level, estimated financial insights to enhance marketing and sales efforts:

Digital solutions to enhance integrated, cross-channel marketing:

Household Decisions, a real-time tool to enhance point-of-sale programs:

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