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Best Practices: Leveraging Real-Time Lookup of Estimated Household Financial Potential to Improve Call Center Efficiency and Lead Routing

Securities Firm Uses Household Insights to Increase AUM by Up to $1.8 Billion
Using Household Insights real-time lookup, the firm’s call center can improve the quality of the leads being forwarded to Financial Advisors, resulting in an increase in the average opening balance of new accounts by up to 100%.

A leading securities firm wanted to improve the efficiency of its call center operations and improve its account opening process by routing qualified leads to experienced staff in branch offices.

The call center was faced with two main challenges:

  • Call center representatives seldom had much insight about a caller’s financial potential, resulting in unqualified leads being referred to Financial Advisors
  • Call center representatives did not have a way of instantly gauging the value of a caller, and thus did not know the appropriate treatment

The firm wanted to find a solution to enable call center representatives to immediately predict the financial potential and long term value of individual leads that were seeking assistance or information from the call center.


The securities firm integrated IXI’s Household Insights, a module within IXI’s WalletInsights online platform, into its call center operations to improve lead routing and efficiency.

Household Insights offers a lookup functionality that enables call centers, onsite sales executives, financial advisors, point-of-sale employees, and customer service agents to make real-time decisions on how to introduce or track a prospect into a defined service channel that is matched to the prospect’s estimated value to the firm.

It presents call center reps with a quick way to gauge the relative investment potential of a customer and determine appropriate next steps based on a household’s expected asset potential and likely investment preferences.

Expected Results

By incorporating Household Insights into its call center operations, the firm improved the efficiency of its call center lead qualification process and expects to:

  • Increase the average opening balance of accounts referred by the call center to Financial Advisors by up to 100%, resulting in incremental assets under management (AUM) of up to $1.8 Billion per year
  • Enhance the customer on-boarding process
  • Allocate branch resources more efficiently by focusing on higher value clients
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