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Improving Customer On-boarding: Leveraging Financial Insights to Assess Customer Opportunity from Day One

IXI Financial Measures Enable Banks to Achieve Almost $50 Million in Incremental AUM from New Customers
By using IXI’s WealthComplete, banks can enhance their customer on-boarding program by identifying those new customers that are likely to have the highest potential for growth from Day One.

Banks have a very limited window to engage new customers, increase new account balances, and grow share of wallet before households lose interest in the many new customer communications and offers being sent their way or switch to another bank entirely. This short grace period is the optimal time for banks to establish long-lasting and profitable relationships with new customers.

Many banks rely on initial opening balance to determine new customer treatment groups. However, the opening balance often does not present an accurate depiction of households’ wealth and growth potential, resulting in lost opportunities.


Banks and other financial services firms can use IXI’s financial measures to gain insight on new customers from Day One. Based on approximately $13trillion in anonymous, directly measured assets provided by leading financial services firms to IXI, these measures enable banks to:

  • Assign new customers to appropriate treatment groups based on households’ estimated total assets and total deposits potential
  • Identify new customers that are likely to be Mass Affluent and ensure that appropriate resources are focused on this potentially lucrative group

IXI recently analyzed a 3-year collection of financial data from its network members to show the impact and benefit of identifying high potential new customers. By using IXI’s total assets estimates to identify high potential new customers from Day One, a bank can expect to:

  • Increase balance amounts for high potential new customers over 200% more than for low potential customers
  • Achieve almost $50 million in incremental Assets Under Management (AUM) by the end of Year Two for every 1000 new customers it brings on board
  • Gain additional deposit dollars from identifying “High Potential” new customers and striving to match the share of deposit wallet to that of their “Best New Customers”

Average Balance for High Potential vs. Low Potential New Customers

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