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Growing Bank Deposits with Targeted Prospecting

Bank Uses Financial Cohorts to Identify Over $5.6 Billion in Potential New Assets
The depth of the IXI Financial Cohorts segmentation system enabled the bank to pinpoint prospects that mimic its existing best customers and prioritize them to enhance marketing efficiency.
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A leading U.S. bank wanted to improve its deposit gathering prospecting efforts. Like many other banks, it relied on a segmentation system that used only a few variables, including those based on survey data. As a result, the bank was using its scarce marketing and prospecting budgets on sub-optimal target segments and misaligned communications. To effectively target prospects for deposit acquisition, the bank needed a segmentation system with more granularity to pinpoint the highly differentiated needs present across the firm’s millions of prospective customers.


IXI’s Financial Cohorts asset-based household segmentation system helped the bank to identify prospects that would likely be both receptive to its brand, as well as be likely to have significant investment opportunity.

Using Financial Cohorts, IXI worked with the bank to:

  • Categorize the firm’s existing customer base by placing each household into one of Financial Cohorts’ 61 clusters
  • Identify and analyze those clusters that have a strong propensity to bank with the firm
  • Identify prospect households that are in high affinity clusters
  • Prioritize the prospects based on their potential deposit opportunity

Financial Cohorts allowed the bank to identify three high affinity, high potential clusters for its prospecting campaign. By using Financial Cohorts, the bank was able to:

  • Unlock an expected 21% improvement in campaign conversion rates
  • Recognize prospect households estimated to have over $150,000 in deposits
  • Identify over $5.6 billion in potential new assets

Financial Cohorts Chart

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