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Customer Acquisition: Reaching Profitable Younger Prospects with Precise Segmentation and Targeting

Bank’s Prospecting Campaign Expects to Grow Deposits by $18 Million and Total Assets by $108 Million
By using Financial Cohorts for prospecting campaigns, firms are not only able to narrow their target audience to consumers that are likely to have significant opportunity, but they can also determine the appropriate message, offer, and media channel based on the financial profile of the target clusters.

Regional banks often operate in markets where the prevailing customer profile is older and less affluent, yet these relationships may not yield a high lifetime value. Thus, many regional banks are seeking to acquire younger, mass affluent households with significant growth potential. Banks need to identify and communicate with this segment in order to develop new relationships that can ultimately generate long-term profits for the firm.


A leading regional bank worked with IXI to identify and target younger, mass affluent consumers for its prospecting campaign. By using IXI’s Financial Cohorts, the regional bank was able to:

  • Easily identify prospects in its footprint who are likely to develop into profitable, long-term customers based on their affluence and age
  • Determine the appropriate message, offer, and channel based on the financial profile of the target audience

IXI’s analysis enabled the bank to focus its prospecting campaign on younger households that are likely to have significant investment potential.

The insights delivered by Financial Cohorts enabled the bank to:

  • Narrow the target audience for its prospecting campaign by 90%
  • Increase the total invested asset opportunity of the target audience by 900% (from $31K to over $300K per household) and the total deposit opportunity by 500% (from $10K to over $50K per household)
  • Pursue over $54 billion in potential new assets and over $9 billion in new deposits
  • Incorporate the likely financial profile of the target clusters into its campaign planning process

Assets and Deposits Chart

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