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Best Practice: Identifying Cross-Sell Candidates for Deposit Products Amongst Brokerage Customer Base

Firms can Expand Range of Products Held by Customers and Expect to Increase AUM by $1.13 Billion
By leveraging IXI’s total assets and deposits estimates, brokerage departments can develop effective deposit cross-sell programs for their best customers who do not yet have a deposit relationship with the firm, resulting in stronger ties to the firm and incremental AUM of up to $1.13 Billion.

When it comes to choosing a financial services firm, consumers often tend to spread their wealth, where a brokerage firm is selected for investment products and a bank is chosen for deposit products. In order to maximize their relationship with their customers, financial services firms need to focus on cross-selling and expanding the range of products held by each customer. This becomes especially critical for those firms that offer both brokerage and banking services, but have customers that only use one set of services.


Brokerage and wealth management departments can leverage IXI’s total assets and deposits estimates to identify their best clients who already provide a high share of brokerage wallet, but that have significant deposit growth potential for the firm. By identifying these customers, brokerage groups can develop deposit product cross-sell programs based on their clients’ likely deposit product preferences.

In the below example, the firm can identify which of their best brokerage clients are likely to hold ample deposits outside the firm (clients K, L, M, N), and of those, which would be most likely to respond to a cross-sell offer promoting CD’s (Clients K and M).

Potential Relationship to Cross Sell CD Accounts


By cross-selling deposit products to a brokerage department’s best clients, a sample firm can expect to:

  • Increase AUM by approximately $4.5 Million for every 1,000 households, resulting in an increase of total AUM of approximately $1.13 Billion for a cross-sell program to 250,000 households
  • Improve campaign efficiency by significantly narrowing the target audience based on estimated customer potential and identifying the appropriate product for cross-sell
  • Expand the range of products held by customers
  • Deepen the customer relationship
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