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Credit Union: Enhance Targeting for ITA Credit Card Campaign with Wealth-Based Financial Measures

By Applying IXI Services’ Measures to its Model, Credit Union Could Decrease the Target Audience of Invitation to Apply (ITA) Prospecting Mailings by 43%
IXI measures can enable credit unions to efficiently drive loan growth by narrowing the target audience for ITA prospecting campaigns by desired financial characteristics. Learn more about our solutions for credit unions.

A credit union wanted to improve the targeting efficiency for its direct mail ITA credit card campaign. The credit union was relying on internal models and other publicly available data to define the target audience for its credit card prospecting campaigns, resulting in targeting a large population of prospects and a high cost per campaign.


The credit union can utilize IXI Services’ WealthComplete household total assets estimate to identify prospects likely to have higher asset potential and then narrow the target audience for its ITA credit card campaign. WealthComplete enables firms to gain an estimate of total invested assets per household. By applying IXI Services’ total assets estimates to its model, the credit union can identify and target households with significant estimated asset opportunity.


By applying WealthComplete to its model, the credit union could narrow the target audience of the ITA prospecting mailing by 43% and better market to optimal credit card candidates. This would potentially save significant operational costs, for example totaling over $100,000 in direct mail expenses.

IXI’s products were neither developed for the purposes of, nor intended to be used for, the extension of credit to any individual, nor should they be used for purposes of determining an individual’s creditworthiness or for any other purpose contemplated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.
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