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Bank Achieves 50% Lift in Mail Campaign

Top 5 Bank Uses Investyles as Top Model Variable to Lift Response Rates and Cut Costs of Direct Mail Campaigns
“You may have a great idea, but if it goes to the wrong people, it’s not worth your time or money. Investyles data helps justify your marketing actions.”
Marketing Database and Campaign Manager, Top 5 Bank

A top U.S. bank’s direct mail strategy focused on selling more products to existing customers.  Their existing targeting models analyzed up to 4000 pieces of information and sometimes took months to build, resulting in inefficient campaign execution.


The marketing department needed to improve its direct mail campaign planning process.  They wanted to:

  • Simplify their targeting models without sacrificing results
  • Increase response rates
  • Identify customers and prospects most likely to be interested in a specific product

The bank used Investyles neighborhood wealth data to sharpen its targeting criteria.

Investyles neighborhood wealth ratings and tendency measures enabled the bank to:

  • Segment customers and prospects based on their likely financial potential
  • Locate the right segments to target for specific product campaigns
  • Identify opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell investment products
  • Find better qualified prospects to pursue

Investyles proved to be one of the top variables in the models the bank used to market its investment products, thus improving campaign planning efficiency. Just as important, the bank reported Investyles resulted in a 50% lift in response rate for several campaigns.

And when the marketing department was short on time, they used Investyles alone to define the target audience. “If I have a pressing campaign for an investment product and need to use Investyles alone, I can still cut the target audience in half and double my response rates. This saves me tons of money on printing and execution,” says the bank’s campaign manager.

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