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Bank Uses Investyles to Develop Treatment Groups

Top 5 Bank Improves Customer Segmentation and Fine-Tunes Cross-Sell Offers
“IXI’s Investyles data is the cornerstone of our affluent marketing strategy. We now use IXI’s data to improve our customer segmentation for almost all of our marketing campaigns… Investyles data is ‘all the rage’ throughout our organization.”
– Bank Representative, Top 5 Bank

A top U.S. bank faced with demanding customers and fierce competition wanted to pursue deeper relationships with its customers.


Superior customer segmentation and focused marketing efforts were needed.  The firm wanted to:

  • Better identify wealthy customers
  • Determine customer potential and size of wallet
  • Objectively assign customers and prospects to defined segments

The bank relied on IXI’s Investyles neighborhood wealth ratings data to improve customer segmentation.  Investyles helped the firm:

  • Improve its customer and prospect targeting models by examining customers’ likely financial capacity
  • Fine-tune products and services offered

IXI was selected because it is the only source of estimated consumer financial information that provides data based on directly measured, anonymous liquid assets.


“We have determined that IXI’s Investyles data is the top predictor for assigning people to our designated customer segments compared with over 2,000 variables,” said a VP of Modeling from the bank.

To confirm Investyles’ segmentation ability, the bank:

  • Developed a model to place customers into a handful of groups that segment consumers by behavior and age; the model incorporated the bank’s internal data about their customers, Investyles neighborhood-level wealth data, and other data
  • Tested the model against an internal survey of customer wallet size
  • Tested IXI’s direct-measured data against other outside data sources that rely on survey information or estimates of consumer wealth.
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