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Where Do Henrys Live?

This month, we wrap up our series on Henrys (High earners, not rich yet) by learning about where they live.

As you can see by the stats and map below, Henrys are highly concentrated around major metro areas and many are homeowners. So, it appears that the majority of Henrys have been prioritizing investing in real estate as opposed to investing their money in the market and building up nest eggs. They also tend to live in areas with higher costs of living where their high incomes don’t seem to stretch to be able to cover mortgages and expansive savings.

Did You Know: Where Do Henrys Live?

Source: Financial Cohorts® and data provided by Gfk MRI

ZIP Codes with Highest Number of Henrys

We already know about areas with high concentrations of Henrys from the info above, but which ZIP Codes have the highest total number of Henrys?

  1. 77494 Katy, TX
  2. 60657 Chicago, IL
  3. 07030 Hoboken, NJ
  4. 75070 McKinney, TX
  5. 11215 Brooklyn, NY


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