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Standout States for Asset Growth

Which U.S. states have the wealthiest households? Also, which states are on the rise in terms of household wealth? Let’s find out.

The graphic below displays the states with highest estimated average investable assets per household (left) and states with the greatest increases in assets per household over the past five years (right). They are ranked based on growth rate and the dollar values displayed represent the state’s total asset per household growth for the timeframe.

Did You Know? Standout States for Asset Growth

Source: MarketMix™

Spotlight on Mutual Funds

When looking specifically at mutual funds, which states lead in five year growth?

  1. North Carolina (39.5%)
  2. Illinois (39.1%)
  3. Kentucky (39.1%)
  4. Ohio (39.1%)
  5. Michigan (38.7%)


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