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Online Targeting for Auto: Atlanta vs. Detroit vs. Seattle

IXI Services offers auto-specific digital targeting segments to help auto manufacturers, auto lenders, dealers, and their agencies increase their ability to differentiate online visitors in real-time and reach the right audience for their brands, models, and offers.

Let’s compare Atlanta, Detroit, and Seattle and find out which city indexes the highest for these auto attributes:

Online Targeting for Auto: Atlanta vs. Detroit vs. Seattle

Source: IXI Services Digital Targeting Segments

Which city has the larger population with income greater than $150,000?

  • Atlanta’s households: 11.6%
  • Detroit’s households: 9.5%
  • Seattle’s households: 17.0%

IXI Services’ targeting segments are available through many major ad networks and data management platforms. If you or your agency would like to know the full list of those we work with, contact us today.

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