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IRA Assets: Concentrated by County and State

Many investors are saving for their futures, however most Individual Retirement Account (IRA) assets are concentrated in just a few states and counties. The states with the darkest shading have the most IRA assets, while the states with the lightest shading have the least.

IRA Assets: Concentrated by County and State

Source: MarketVision™ for Securities (December 2012)

Represents IXI measured IRA Assets (IXI measures approximately 43% of all invested assets, including over $3 trillion in IRA Assets). IRA Assets = Assets in All IRA Accounts, including Regular, Rollover, Roth, and Educational.

A county view of IRA investments shows some astounding statistics:

  • 10 counties hold about 15% of all IRA assets
  • 100 counties hold over 50% of all IRA assets

Groups with the highest percent of IRA assets compared to IXI measured assets:

  • Income Tier: $75K – $100K
  • Age by Income Tier: Age 65-74 and $50K – $100K

Average IRA dollars per Household: $26,014

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