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Generational Wealth – Percentage of Households by Wealth Tier

Do older generations generally have wealthier households? Based on our measurement of average household assets, each progressive generation has a larger percentage of households in higher wealth tiers.

Did You Know: Generational Wealth – Percentage of Households by Wealth Tier

Source: WealthComplete®

Investments vs. Deposits by Generation

Consistent with our analysis in prior years, older generations tend to have a higher percentage of their assets in investments than do younger generations.

  • Millennials: 69% Investments, 31% Deposits
  • Gen X: 73% Investments, 27% Deposits
  • Baby Boomers: 76% Investments, 24% Deposits
  • Silent and GI: 77% Investments, 23% Deposits

Source: WealthComplete®


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