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Economic Rebound

The Great Recession hurt American consumers badly, but the economy has since trended up and markets have largely recovered.

As of December 2014, the personal investable assets of U.S. residents totaled close to $32 trillion, having increased by over 66% since the Great Recession when it was at a trough of just $19.2 trillion in December 2008. Download our new report, Observations and Impacts of U.S. Consumer Wealth Trends, to learn more about how investing habits have shifted as consumers have bounced back from the Great Recession.

Economic Rebound

Source: WealthComplete®

Steady Climb

Except for the 2011 debt ceiling crisis, personal assets have continued to increase steadily since the depths of the Great Recession, rising 32.6% from a prerecession high of $24.1 trillion in December 2007 to almost $32 trillion in December 2014.

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