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Strategic Insights for Leading Firms
As the market continues to remain unsteady and consumers’ financial positions are the weakest they have been in decades, firms are facing more challenges than ever before. IXI understands these challenges and is working with our clients to help them alter their strategies, rebuild their balance sheets, grow assets under management, reconnect with their most valuable customers, and find new customers that are likely to have the capacity to invest and purchase their products and services.

IXI’s Case and Topical Studies provide strategies and tactics that firms can implement to help combat these challenges, as well as relevant information on market trends.

US Outbound Travel in 2016 – Forecasts, Consumer Profiles, Spending Patterns and Key Segments
This white paper addresses not only the overall outlook for the US outbound traveler but analyzes them at a detailed level. It brings together IXI™ Services’ proprietary data with EyeforTravel’s industry insights, to provide an assessment of core groups of regular US outbound consumers. Segmentation can allow marketers to drill down into consumers’ travel behaviors including a better understanding of purchase history, location and lifestyle habits. It can also provide insight into additional behavioral patterns through which marketing can be implemented. Media consumption, device usage, vacation research channels, shopping habits, leisure activities, and advertising preferences can all be obtained and analyzed to help improve marketing effectiveness. If you want to improve your customer identification, relevancy and segmentation to reach frequent US travelers then this is a business-critical white paper.
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Identifying the Emerging Affluent to Start Lifelong Relationships – A Financial Marketer’s Guide to Mass Affluent Millennials
The emergence of the Millennial generation has many financial institutions eager to form lasting connections with these younger consumers. But Millennials look and behave uniquely. They differ dramatically from past generations in their preferences, media consumption behaviors, and how they respond to certain types of marketing messages. Financial marketers cannot simply employ the same playbook that worked for Baby Boomers and Generation X. This report takes a deep look at the Millennial generation and how its financial profile differs from prior generations, how different groups of Millennials differ from one another, and then tackle some of the best tactics marketers should employ for reaching this generation.
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A Guide To Better Advertising Through Data: Best Practices For Applying Data to Online Advertising
One of the biggest areas of growth in the world of digital advertising is in data, which can be used to learn more about existing customers, target potential customers, and even find new ones. The use of data can simplify the difficulty in reaching consumers across devices and different kinds of media. It can eliminate wasted ad spend, and help a marketer better understand their success and alter their marketing strategy in real-time to achieve the best results. This ebook offers tips to help marketers make smarter use of advanced data, analytics and technology to deliver a higher return on their online ad campaigns.
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Surpassing Online Cost per Acquisition (CPA) Goals with Financial and Economic-Based Audience Targeting. Firm Leverages IXI Digital Solutions to Decrease Campaign CPA by 62%
Firms that sell their products and services via online channels often gauge the success of current campaigns by comparing them to the performance of past campaigns. However, matching the performance of past campaigns is not enough – most campaigns have significant room to improve, whether measured via CPA, impressions, conversions, or other metrics. This case study discusses how IXI worked with a firm that helps consumers manage their finances to decrease the CPA of its online ad campaign by using financial and economic measures to better target qualified prospects.
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Best Practices for Brokerage Firms: Quantifying the Opportunity and Creating Client Treatment Groups. Brokerage Firms Can Use IXI’s Total Assets Estimates to Identify Millions of Dollars of Hidden Assets within Client-Base
Brokerage firms and their Financial Advisors (FAs) need to be able to understand the hidden asset potential within their client-base. However, they often only have a view of what their clients hold with them, resulting in decreased efficiency and missed opportunities. This best practice discusses how brokerage firms can utilize IXI’s total assets estimates to quantify the opportunity to grow assets and help FAs prioritize their efforts toward clients that are likely to have the most growth potential.
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Reaching the Right Audience Online with Wealth Based Targeting. Financial Services Firm Reallocates 78% of Impressions to Visitors with High Investable Assets
Like many financial services firms and their agencies, a leading U.S. firm wanted to improve the performance of its online campaigns. Based on IXI’s analysis of one of the firm’s recent online campaigns, the firm discovered that 78% of impressions had been served to unqualified consumers, those likely to have less than $100,000 in invested assets. This paper explains how with AudienceTarget, the firm was able to serve ads only to visitors that lived in neighborhoods where IXI estimated there was an average of over $100,000 in invested assets per household.
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