Insights that Drive Marketing

Leading firms use IXI’s solutions to maximize the return on their marketing and sales efforts

Marketing Optimization

When firms work with IXI, they get a single, more reliable source to assist them with their customer marketing efforts and sales strategies.

IXI enables firms to:

  • Segment and target U.S. investors and consumers
  • Assess customer potential and find the best customers for your brand
  • Send the right offer and the right message
  • Apply household insights to enhance planning and omni-channel marketing efforts

IXI Marketing Optimization Applications:

  • Acquire new customers that resemble best existing customers
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Product and service up-sell/cross-sell
  • Customer financial potential and opportunity analysis
  • Estimated share of wallet
  • Tiered customer service model
  • Customer loyalty, attrition and LTV
Planning and
  • Define target audience based on estimated financial profile (assets, income, spending, credit) and consumer buying preferences
  • Send the right message to the right customer via financial and economic based segmentation systems
Omni-channel Marketing
  • Leverage consumer insights to target optimal customers across all channels
  • Apply same profiles for direct mail, email, digital, mobile, addressable TV
  • Deliver a consistent message
Digital Marketing
  • Target online visitors that are likely to have the right financial profile and propensities for the offer and brand
  • Tailor online ad content and offers
  • Analyze and verify characteristics of website visitors and other digital audiences
  • Enhance landing page optimization and messaging
  • TEST