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Financial and economic insight for every U.S. household

The Power of Direct-Measured Assets

IXI Services is the only source that provides solutions based on directly measured wealth. Through our exclusive network of leading financial institutions, IXI directly measures approximately $14 trillion in anonymous U.S. consumer assets and investments, representing more than 45 percent of all U.S. consumer invested assets.

Most solutions that offer financial insights on U.S. consumers rely primarily on survey- or census-based data. Instead of relying on these same sources, IXI provides more reliable and actionable financial and economic insight based on direct-measured anonymous asset data, overcoming some of the accuracy, reliability, coverage and granularity limitations of survey-based data.

The Power of Direct-Measured Data

Foundation of Our Solutions Table

IXI utilizes its patented process to collect and classify anonymous consumer asset data and then combines it with additional proprietary measures of total income, discretionary spending, and aggregated credit to provide a more complete picture of households’ financial and economic positions. This proprietary database forms the foundation of IXI’s solutions.

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