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Management Team

Mykolas Rambus, General Manager
Russ Ayres, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Customer Decision Support Solutions
Ed Colet, Vice President, Analytics
Alvin Green, Vice President, Finance and Banking
Steve Izurieta, Senior Marketing Officer
Jeff Sporn, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Digital Solutions

topMykolas Rambus, General Manager
As General Manager, Mykolas Rambus leverages his experience in business growth and development, operations management, information technology, and data protection and privacy, with a focus on big data, SaaS, FinTech, and media. In this role, Mr. Rambus is responsible for developing and implementing go-to-market strategies that reinforce our value proposition and competitive advantage as well as overseeing day-to-day operations. Prior to joining the Equifax team, Mr. Rambus co-founded and served as CEO of Wealth-X, which provides intelligence on ultra-high net worth individuals around the globe, was an executive at Forbes Media, and a partner at KAHLE Partners where he directed sales and business development. An expert in wealth intelligence and marketing solutions, he has often been tapped to share his expertise at conferences, and in various print and television media. He is also the chairman of the Global Investor Immigration Council (GIIC), a non-partisan, not-for-profit, self-regulatory organization in the investor immigration industry. Mr. Rambus is an MIT alum, having studied operations research and information technology.

topRuss Ayres, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Customer Decision Support Solutions
As head of the Customer Decision Support Solutions team, Russ Ayres is responsible for helping clients identify and act on areas of opportunity in customer acquisition, cross sell and retention through best-in-breed tools. A seasoned software architect and strategic manager, Mr. Ayres specializes in data visualization and architecture guidance to provide the best interfaces for largest possible return on investment with the lowest training cost. Before joining Equifax, Mr. Ayres was the Assistant Vice President of Product Development for Claritas, where he was one of the original developers, then technical lead of the consumer segmentation product ConsumerPoint. He also worked on the Business Point, iMark, IOL (IMark Online), SiteReports, eConnect, and Claritas MarketPlace products. Before moving into the consumer marketing space, Mr. Ayres built troop and aircraft tracking software for the military as well as graphical displays for use in educational software for children. Mr. Ayres holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Jacksonville State University.

topEd Colet, Vice President, Analytics
As Vice President of Analytics, Ed Colet is responsible for driving Research and Development, and for advancing our current and future solutions incorporating quantitative methodologies and techniques. Prior to joining Equifax, Mr. Colet led the Database Analytics Group at Conde Nast; was Vice President of Analytics and Technology at Capital One; and was an executive at The Hartford. In all of these positions, Mr. Colet introduced innovative analytic solutions, a talent nurtured at IBM’s Research Labs where he worked on a team that developed a “Moneyball” style tool used by NBA teams and which led to his being tapped as Head of Research for software start-up Virtual Gold Inc. Mr. Colet has a BA in Cognitive Psychology from Binghamton, and Master’s degrees from New York University, where he is also an Adjunct Professor, teaching graduate courses in database technologies and analytic methods.

topAlvin Green, Vice President, Finance and Banking
Alvin Green is Vice President of the Finance and Banking vertical. Mr. Green has over 16 years of experience in helping clients execute strategies and drive revenue within the Finance, Mortgage, and Auto industries. In his current role, Mr. Green is responsible for creating a go-to-market strategy that drives growth and leading his team to execute this strategy. Before joining Equifax, Mr. Green spent 10 years as a National Account Manager and a Regional Account Manager at Equifax, where he managed business relationships with top financial services companies. He has also worked as a Sales Executive for Experian Information Solutions. Mr. Green has a B.A. from Clark Atlanta University and a M.B.A from University of Phoenix.

topSteve Izurieta, Senior Marketing Officer
Steven Izurieta, Senior Vice President and Senior Marketing Officer, leads efforts related to the strategic vision and implementation of Marketing efforts, including Product, Product Marketing, Marketing Communications and Pricing, across all verticals – financial services, brokerage and securities, and consumer markets. Prior to joining Equifax, Mr. Izurieta was co-founder and president of Zumetrics where he had full P&L responsibility for the company including business model creation, marketing and management. Mr. Izurieta established recurring revenue streams from clients such as Eli Lilly, Polk Audio and Pfister. Before Zumetrics, Mr. Izurieta resuscitated struggling Net Enforcers, gaining critical enterprise contracts to drive revenue and turn the business EBITDA positive while reducing costs. Mr. Izurieta was also co-founder and COO of Mutualdecision.com where he created market penetration strategies and led product development. He also held several management positions with Capital One Financial and headed creation of the Capital One Image Card. Mr. Izurieta received his MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University and his B.S. in Business from Virginia Tech.

topJeff Sporn, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Digital Solutions
Jeff Sporn leads our digital business, overseeing the development and proliferation of Equifax’s digital solutions. He has led the development of a best-in-class database that integrates IXI data into the digital ecosystem and allowing it to be used to optimize display advertising targeting. Before transitioning to the digital business, Sporn led product management efforts for consumer markets solutions where he developed solutions for use in industries including travel, retail, telecommunications and automotive. Prior to joining Equifax, Mr. Sporn was Executive Director of Marketing at Verizon where he led the Marketing Analysis / Closed Loop Marketing team. He also previously worked at MCI as Director, eventually leading Product Marketing and Strategy for the Mass Markets business. Mr. Sporn holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business and a B.A. in Economics from Wesleyan University.

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