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Financial and economic insight for every U.S. household

The Foundation of IXI Solutions: Multi-Dimensional Financial Insights

Our Wallet of America solution development foundation enables IXI Services to offer our clients multi-dimensional market and household insights based on a more complete view of the U.S. consumer wallet.

Including direct-measured anonymous assets, estimates of total income and spending, proprietary measures of aggregated credit and additional economic factors, the Wallet of America serves as the foundation from which IXI builds solutions and delivery platforms that provide firms with a more complete picture of their target markets and customers. IXI’s solutions provide a holistic view of the financial and economic position for both geographies and households, providing executives the insights they need to make decisions and grow their businesses.

Wallet of America

When firms work with IXI, they get a single, more reliable source to assist them with their customer marketing efforts and sales strategies.

Using our solutions, firms can quantify their customers’ likely financial and economic capacity to invest and purchase their products and services; better understand their share of wallet; and differentiate and segment households based on a range of measures. IXI’s online delivery platform, WalletInsights, enables our clients to gain instant access to the insights they need to solve their business problems. Clients and partners can build applications directly to WalletInsights, thus maximizing and enhancing IXI’s Wallet of America foundation for the benefit of our clients.

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