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The Gen X Surprise

April 2017

Guess which generation has the highest estimated discretionary spending AND total income AND credit balance? It’s Generation X.

Gen X – High Assets and More

April 2017

If you are looking for households that are likely to have over $200,000 in average estimated assets, may be ready to spend now, or might need loans, then check out Generation X.

Get Ready for Golf

March 2017

Spring is the air, which means plenty of people are thinking about golf. What do today’s golf fans look like and how can advertisers best reach these high-income households? Let’s take a look.



Spotlight: White Paper: Insights on US Travelers

White Paper: Insights on US Travelers

Optimize your marketing with an in-depth look at US international travelers.

Product of the Month

Product of the Month: Onboarding

Reach your offline audiences in the digital world.
Onboarding enables marketers to convert their customer or prospect data in a secure environment to a digital format that can be used for digital and online targeting.

Men shaking hands

Handbook: Mergers and Acquisitions Handbook for Retail Bank Marketers

You’ve just completed a merger/acquisition. Our extensive financial asset data and insights can help you combine your brands and achieve your goals.

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