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Baby Boomers: Higher Total Income, Less Spending

May 2017

With average total income topping $100,000 per household, Baby Boomers are well positioned for the future.

Baby Boomers: Higher Assets Can Fund Their Future

May 2017

The rising stock market has stacked the cards in their favor: even though Boomers hold about 40% of the nation’s credit balance, they control over 46% of U.S. total invested assets.

The Gen X Surprise

April 2017

Guess which generation has the highest estimated discretionary spending AND total income AND credit balance? It’s Generation X.



Spotlight: White Paper: Insights on US Travelers

White Paper: Insights on US Travelers

Optimize your marketing with an in-depth look at US international travelers.

Product of the Month

Product of the Month: Onboarding

Reach your offline audiences in the digital world.
Onboarding enables marketers to convert their customer or prospect data in a secure environment to a digital format that can be used for digital and online targeting.

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Handbook: Mergers and Acquisitions Handbook for Retail Bank Marketers

You’ve just completed a merger/acquisition. Our extensive financial asset data and insights can help you combine your brands and achieve your goals.

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