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AudienceIntel: Real-Time Online Audience Intelligence

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IXI Services’ AudienceIntel audience intelligence tool enables advertisers to better evaluate what types of consumers are viewing and responding to their website and display ads. By measuring audiences in terms of their estimated financial characteristics and purchase propensities, AudienceIntel allows marketers to evaluate website performance and ad campaigns in real time and make instant adjustments that help optimize use of budgets and ensure the right message is reaching the right audience.

Adding AudienceIntel as a component in your online advertising strategies can help you address these challenges:

  • Minimize wasted ad spend by:
    • Verifying that your current marketing channels are providing the audience you’re expecting to receive
    • Verifying if the audience receiving your message is a match for your brand and offer
    • Evaluating in real time whether your campaigns are meeting audience objectives and course-correct if needed
    • Determining the value of a delivery channel and adjust the placement of your ads based on better intelligence about the audience they are reaching
  • Assess the types of audience that are responding to your ads and website by estimated economic measures such as wealth, income, and spending, as well as buying propensities
  • Inform future campaigns and carry out real-time audience classification and dynamic content display
Secure, web-based access

Delivered as a web-based, interactive application within our WalletInsights client service platform, AudienceIntel allows user-customized views based on your specific performance measurement needs.

AudienceIntel offers users the ability to drill down into each website or ad campaign. Whether you are a CMO, a campaign manager or a brand executive, the ability to adjust views simply on-the-fly means you get valuable insights fast, without data overload or a cumbersome learning curve.

AudienceIntel Sample Dashboard

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